Spring cleaning

spring clean

I’ll have some virtual spring cleaning going on behind the scenes at my website for a couple of weeks… updates in the works!

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cookies & flowerbutterfly cookies


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Heart smith

heart 1heart sketchheart 2heart 3

Dickens (Jacob Marley’s ghost, from Scrooge): I wear the chain I forged in life.
Not such a bad idea, I say.

Happy Valentines Day!

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in the worksflags in progressflagsheartflagsfuegolettersbanner

On the way to my Valentines… happy hearts are on the fly!

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Coleus leaves, from my potted garden

leaves drawingtracingleaf piecesleaves on neckleaves verticleleaves horizontal

Small hand cut coleus shapes make for graphic harbingers of spring. Find these pretty pieces at the Store at MAM, Montclair Art Museum, and take in the new show featuring the influence of Matisse. Can you tell he’s my fav?

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Thanks Mary


It had to be about 25 years ago, a (soon to be lifelong) friend stopped in to see my new apartment, handed me this A.  I didn’t get it at first, then she says something like: ‘It’s your own place, you need your letter, like Mary!’  She’d gone to some hardware store or home supply (no Home Depot back then), and it was worth the trip. And it’s been here all these many years, through many apartments, houses, packed and unpacked, in my kitchen.  I’ve thought about moving on from my A in various declutters but I could never quite do it.  Today I remember why.  Mary Tyler Moore as Mary Richards was like no one before, a new kind of every woman: funny, brave, stylish, she had humility, and mostly, she got the job done.  When I moved into that studio apartment upstairs in a big old house, that A was just right.


photo from Mary’s apartment: HookedonHouses

terra wall

And when I searched out that photo of Mary’s wall to make this post and I noticed something I never saw before, or long forgot if I did… Mary’s got one more message for me. Look close and to the right of Mary’s M, in her apartment, and there’s a print of a circus performer, he’s drawn standing on a horse (below).


This print, on a board, hung in my room as a tiny kid, then for years – my dad put it there, and I could never erase this image from my mind.  Maybe Mary and I really did have something in common after all.  Thanks Mary, we’ll be smart to remember what you said –

You’re gonna make it after all.

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Be a superhero


No going back on civil rights!! Women’s march today for all!

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White on white

butterflisbutterflies side wiewone butterfly

Working on some cut paper illustration, based on paper patterns from my butterfly year.  Still fluttering, I suppose.

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Secret lives


Last season’s geraniums owe their life to this antique volume. Every year I dread the task of pulling out the potted gardens and tossing away the plants I can’t squeeze onto the windowsill or rationalize the possibility of overwintering. When a friend loaned me this old copy of the 1973 book I suspected it could be dangerous, making the case for plants as more sentient being that not. Top of my winter reading list, my fears are justified. And yes, my teeny foyer is packed with all manner of geraniums and ivy wound topiaries, etc., sheltering from the most frigid of winter’s days (like today) and out on more temperate days for a quick shot of the sun’s life affirming rays.


Here’s the reward, bright January blooms from a grateful resident. Apologies to those who’ll need to step through the foyer forest for the next couple of months while these guys wait to take up residence outside for spring and summer.

Not. Buying. Any. More. Plants. Read at your own risk.  :)

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Happy, new


Ginger cake, starry night sky, glasses raised.

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