Summer, celebrate

Just back from a visit with Alice, and she’s an inspiration. I’m wandering in the woods when it comes to this virtual life, but we had a nice chat about re-posting on Instagram and how that works. So since Alice was loving these little pearl rings, I’ll be giving one away to test out the theory. Alice picked the pretty blue-grey one on the right, so I’ll be making a similar and it will go to one re-poster in the USA, to ship right after the July 4 holiday. Participation will start as soon as I’m ready.

Watch the instagram feed next week to see the kick off and how it works.

Find Alice here at her daily blog. A gifted writer and solid citizen, Alice has learned a lot, and she shares a lot with the world. The world is grateful.

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Summer is coming…

Summery snaps from the patio and the bench, almost solstice.

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Late spring snaps

A tiny peek at how spring is shaping up around here :)

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New in the works!

is it spring yet? new things growing :)

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Sweet Day

Be sweet!

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It’s time!

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January, month of doorways, comes to close.

Reflecting on portals, it seems that second-hand mirrors proliferate around here. I’ve taken a survey and they stare back at me from almost everywhere. Very few dollars can provide such a vista. A tiny white elephant sale at the local Congregational Church is often a source and recently it became apparent that walking out of there without a mirror of some description is a rare indeed. Their sale is an old fashioned affair, community volunteers clearly love every minute and the treasure hunt is widely anticipated – quickly one becomes a regular suspect and the welcome is warm. It’s all about the looking and I suppose it is oddly appropriate that the looking glass seems to be among my favorite finds.

The hand mirror above was a special find gifted this past Christmas to my sister-in-law. I spied it at the last sale of the year and forced myself to walk away from this aged beauty. As I pulled in my driveway after my visit to the sale it occurred to me what a lovely holiday bundle it could be. Aha! A rationalization firmly in place, I sped back and made a bee line to scoop up my quarry. Whew, got it. Sitting atop my dresser through December… “I look lovely here with my fancy pressed glass handle”, it said, “you’ll never find the likes of me again…”. Hmm, perhaps she won’t have room on her dressing table, perhaps she won’t really love it, I rationalized further. But no, this was too perfect a match to keep to myself. I knew for sure it was meant for her on Christmas morning as I opened my own tiny package… and saw to my wide eyed delight that she found the very small birdlike scissors that I dreamed one winter’s night not so long ago – the very pair, the one I never mentioned.

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Peace is a ladybug

How to start New Year’s day: find in inbox this drawing sent by a delightful customer whose daughter is wise beyond her years. Proceed accordingly.

Drawing by Stella Blue. A very Happy New Year to John, Kathy & Stella  :)  with thanks.


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Holiday house

Just a few favorite holiday moments

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Winter solstice

Only a few days left, everything is a blur. I step out from the kitchen, warm and scented with lemon, rosemary, chocolate and spice. The early night air feels sharp, the chill jarring after the whirl of warm baking sheets and sugary smudges.

Bundled up with packages and places to be, I juggle in winter’s first dusky eve to quickly pull the cover off my tiny old car and stow it in the trunk before hopping in to crank the engine and turn the heat all the way up.

The cold air carries a sound, though, and it’s growing louder, louder. I look up into the darkening sky and now I know the sound, a flock of geese in the distance, and I wait to see the familiar V formation pass overhead… there is just a hint of light left, barely enough to see as the cloudy moonless night descends, but the shadowy shapes begin to appear in the distance. They break from behind the trees across the way and I realize it’s not a V at all, it’s a massive flock all honking and crying, keeping everyone together and filling the sky as they speed across my line of sight. In barely an instant they’re gone and the sound quickly fades as though absorbed into the clouds.

I stand there for just a moment and recall… where was I going? On this winter’s night the geese are not distracted, they know just where they are going, and in this uncertain world I suddenly have no doubt at all that they will reach their destination.

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