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Holding on to the last of the summer days…

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High summer snaps

Just a few snippets from around here this summer!

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Midsummer passion

Flower that is. Long a summer favorite of mine, and giving this a go has on my ‘to-do’ list for ages. Cross that off. All hand-fabricated, large passion flower and vine jointed bracelet in sterling silver with amethyst center stone.
price on request.

Midsummer note: first firefly of the season spotted 6-20, 8:37PM, backyard. :)

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Summer garden

It’s just getting started.

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Positively peony

Each year the ephemeral peony is again wondrous and one of a kind. Even lovely in the end as a memory of their former beauty.

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Bespoke summer

Sure feels like summer today, complete with tiny bespoke sunflower, ready to go. I better get to work on my listings for this little flowers big brothers (see a sample in the background) before summer arrives for real!

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Summer song

bells 3bells 1bells 2

Trailing chimes bracelet, recycled from silverplate flatware handles, with handmade bangle & chain, gem embellished.

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Liberté, égalité, fraternité


France rejects LePen and her right-wing populist tide
-Washington Post


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Class sketches, spring

drawing d 5-17drawing c 5-17drawing 5-17drawing b 5-17drawing e 5-17

Back to class, good to be back in the moment.

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Spring snaps

dandelionfluer ringcharms w budlilacssm charms

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