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chacedony rose pendant

Product Description

Chalcedony rose is a naturally occurring gem specimen, forming a thin, rounded aggregate of grey and neutral tones. The magic occurs as the surface is covered with diminutive sparkling quartz crystals. Each differs in shape and formation, but the look is unmistakable. Humble at first glance, look closer and the glittering surface tells a far more intriguing tale.

This specimen is set in a hand constructed sterling prong setting, firmly grasping the undulating rose. For a specimen of this nature, only a uniquely created setting will do. This simple, modern presentation allows the small natural wonder to amaze. The pendant is approximately 1 3/4″ high by 1″ at it’s widest point, and hangs from a sturdy soldiered ring on an 18″ sterling chain.

Due to the variation of each specimen, this piece is one of a kind. Shine on.

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