Heart ring… a lot of heart

Product Description

Big and bold, this heart has something to say. It’s not a perfect heart, the featured gem is flawed (see photo 5), like hearts sometimes are. However, despite it faults, this one seemed worthy of a very special setting, made to show off it’s still stunning beauty. Sometimes we can’t repair a heart, but it’s finer points deserve to shine. And shine they do. So… a special 3 stone ring, this heart shaped faceted gem is accompanied by 2 pretty pink tourmaline cabochons, one on each side. The heart itself is a pale green-yellow sparkling specimen of unknown origin, possibly andalusite, antique, a very substantial 22 kt weight.

The setting is completely hand fabricated from scratch in sterling silver by me. Sturdy and secure, it’s rustic forged quality lends a contemporary casual air to it’s time worn star… a second chance so well deserved. So here’s to second chances for oversized hearts. That’s something I can believe in.

Measures size 8.5, and because of the wide band, it comfortably fits my size 8 finger. The band is wider in the back and tapers to the front. Sorry, this ring cannot be sized. One of a kind. Note that the flaw is on the back of the gem, with very little impact to the appearance of the face of the stone.

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