Luna moth pendant… moth magic

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This large sterling silver luna moth pays homage to this most mysterious and beautiful creature. If you are lucky enough to see one, it won’t be forgotten. The astounding adult incarnation of the luna moth lives just one week. It will not eat. It’s task will be to fly the night skies searching for a mate and leave behind the beginning of a new generation. And while it lives, it will amaze any mere mortal, perhaps enough to have us believe in magic and in the elusive beauty of a summer night.

This moth last longer, and is somewhat less amazing. Hand fabricated of sterling silver, my humble effigy is not as large or brilliantly colored as the real thing. Slightly less than 3″ wide and 2.5″ high, set with 2 pretty moonstones, this moth is oxidized with hints of rust, black and metallic blue. The patina is sealed with a museum grade wax, so clean carefully only with a soft cloth, no silver polish. The moth itself is substantial and soundly crafted, yet not at all heavy so as to be easy to wear. She hangs centered on 17 jeweled inches… peridot, coral, moonstone, 2 luscious chartreuse pearls, finished in the back with slightly iridescent seed beads and a handmade s hook. To make this adjustable, I’ll be including an 8″ extender, or can make an extender at the length you request.

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