Can you hear them?  These little residences are packed with tiny tweets.  Who needs twitter?  I’ll take the sound of this anytime.  This spring has been very busy… the tweets start very softly but quickly become quite demanding.

sparrow box

And why do I have a sparrow box behind the light under the awning?  You can’t fight mother nature.  They nest up there like it or not.  But since I found this handmade box, now the tiny babies stay safely in the box instead of falling or being pushed onto my front stoop, not a happy occurrence.  We’re all a bit relieved.  But they’re everywhere…

birdhouse doorfront birdhouseback birdhouse

mostly in these just-right houses made by my uncle, who’s got this down to a science.  The inns are full.  Just now the skies are growing darker, a storm is moving in, everybody inside!  Better get the word out, a tweet will do it.  No device necessary.

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2 Comments to Soundtrack

  1. Ruth's Gravatar Ruth
    June 6, 2014 at 9:49 pm | Permalink

    I too have wee tweeters. A particular tree in the front of the house attracts a robins nest every year. A tree in the back yard attracts a curious little bird sporting a black and white tuxedo. He is by far my favorite. Glad they chose to make our yard a home for their very bitty ones.

    Then there is the incessant tweeting bird that I cannot identify. Every year without a miss, this wee bird manages to disrupt our hours of the dawn with its clatter, but pleasantly.
    But by far, the coolest thing for our spring, is the ever returning mallard couple. They mate for life , I think. They choose our pool. I wonder, always, how do they know how to return?