Summer, celebrate

Just back from a visit with Alice, and she’s an inspiration. I’m wandering in the woods when it comes to this virtual life, but we had a nice chat about re-posting on Instagram and how that works. So since Alice was loving these little pearl rings, I’ll be giving one away to test out the theory. Alice picked the pretty blue-grey one on the right, so I’ll be making a similar and it will go to one re-poster in the USA, to ship right after the July 4 holiday. Participation will start as soon as I’m ready.

Watch the instagram feed next week to see the kick off and how it works.

Find Alice here at her daily blog. A gifted writer and solid citizen, Alice has learned a lot, and she shares a lot with the world. The world is grateful.

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2 Comments to Summer, celebrate

  1. Alice's Gravatar Alice
    June 20, 2018 at 9:43 pm | Permalink

    Oh my friend, thank you! So honored to be the subject of a post on your lovely online journal. It was so good to see you and Sue. I just blogged about my ring and the visit. Do not! want to take ring off!!!! You are so talented.Thanks for coming! Love, Alice