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Winter’s tale

Funny how things come back to you, things you think are past. Folks around here may remember, way back when there were a few more trees and a lot less traffic and kids rode bikes around town after school without ‘play dates’. The old shop windows at my dad’s place were lined with little aluminum can […]

Construction project…

If you’ve noticed the purple banner at the top of the site, and the slight changes here and there, you’ll know somethings been going on around here.  Well, it’s been a long time coming.  I’m finally at work on my very own brand spankin’ new shopping cart, and increased mobility for my little old site. […]

Winter mornings, warmed…

Like little mummies, this year’s Christmas morning gifts carefully preserved a bit of everlasting spring… above, leafy coffee spoons for my family, revealed… and a plate of those cookies to go… off to the big city for holiday visits!

July… buck moon rises

Tonight brings with it the full moon of July, known as the buck moon… “The new antlers of buck deer push out from their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur.” Antlers… I know I’ve come across some antler tips… down to the studio to rifle through the cabinet of curiosities my father has left.  And yes, […]

Moth magic

… and so concludes my study of the mysterious luna moth.  for now.

Little gems… the butter kind

An old family favorite, these little butter cookies are a recipe from my mom’s long ago co-worker back in the day when she was one of the girls in the pool of clerks at Met Life in NYC.  Apparently Dolores was quite a cook, we’ve been making her cookies ever since… and in our house, […]

Giving thanks

To all who have visited here, supported or encouraged us… we are so very thankful. Whether it was a purchase, an artigiano card handed to a friend or colleague, a note letting us know how your piece has been admired or enjoyed, or simply a comment or your good wishes… we would not be here without […]

November dreams in citrine

From the monarch series I’ve been working on this year… my wing spread bracelet with bezel set citrine. And a one of kind statement necklace… a designer cut agate druzy slice is featured with faceted citrine, joined with a polished pryrite bead.  Hand fabricated in sterling with hand made bezels.

Making the invisible visible

Time once again for EtsyMetal’s ‘Blog Carnival’, where our group blogs simultaneously on a selected topic.  This month’s topic is about the role of family in our creative lives.  For me, another EM project started me thinking about family again…  our August ‘monthly challenge’ project was a homage to Alexander Calder (which you can find […]

History of hearts

Valentines are well observed in our family… here are just a few snippets from the many years of vibrant wishes, collaged with great care and a joyful spirit, that we treasure still.