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Summer, celebrate

Just back from a visit with Alice, and she’s an inspiration. I’m wandering in the woods when it comes to this virtual life, but we had a nice chat about re-posting on Instagram and how that works. So since Alice was loving these little pearl rings, I’ll be giving one away to test out the […]

Summer is coming…

Summery snaps from the patio and the bench, almost solstice.

Late spring snaps

A tiny peek at how spring is shaping up around here :)

New in the works!

is it spring yet? new things growing :)

Holiday house

Just a few favorite holiday moments

Sparkly season

Christmas wishes on the way  :)


and so it begins :)

Bespoke summer

Sure feels like summer today, complete with tiny bespoke sunflower, ready to go. I better get to work on my listings for this little flowers big brothers (see a sample in the background) before summer arrives for real!

Class sketches, spring

Back to class, good to be back in the moment.

Charmed life

Spring brings tiny charms… more to come!