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Making the invisible visible

Time once again for EtsyMetal’s ‘Blog Carnival’, where our group blogs simultaneously on a selected topic.  This month’s topic is about the role of family in our creative lives.  For me, another EM project started me thinking about family again…  our August ‘monthly challenge’ project was a homage to Alexander Calder (which you can find […]


The first week of January has arrived… the year streches out before us… what to make of it? Resolve: I will attend my weekly drawing group when possible and work harder at drawing, somehow without making “work” of it.  I will set this time aside as a refuge and a reflection on the very small […]

Nice to meet you…

Just a little bit about my creative background.  I like to draw.  From the time I was very small, it has been a thread that weaves through my life and a visual impression of how I perceive the world around me.  Now I mainly draw figures, little snapshots of a person’s unique gesture, like a […]