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It’s a chilly start to spring here, and the chill is holding fast… still the garden beds withhold their first blooms, tree branches tightly gather their tiny dormant jewels.  I imagine patient buds waiting under the quiet, cold earth.  Not quite yet. Despite the temperature, Easter fast approaches, right beyond the rise of the first […]


That porcelain flower took root in my imagination. So I visited a friend in her pottery studio (you can visit Cynthia here), and came home with not only a load of great tips but an incredibly tempting hunk of porcelain.  It’s been a while since I had a lump of clay to push around, and […]

Winter mornings, warmed…

Like little mummies, this year’s Christmas morning gifts carefully preserved a bit of everlasting spring… above, leafy coffee spoons for my family, revealed… and a plate of those cookies to go… off to the big city for holiday visits!

Moth magic

… and so concludes my study of the mysterious luna moth.  for now.

The antique garden begins to bloom

The garden of antique carved corals has been growing… here are a few of the blooms, ready to reach for the light.  See a bit of the backstory in the post featuring some of these unset gems.  Boy, they don’t make them like the used to.  I imagine the hands that carved these small treasures… […]

Moth mystery

It begins, summer unwraps her mysterious riddles, glorious purple and magenta hues stain the evening sky tonight. The days grow longer and I work away at moths… remember this?  It’s been growing, almost ready to fly.  Soon, soon.  Meanwhile a few friends have had a peek at the work in progress.  Good reviews, wide eyes. […]

Monarch dreams

Things take time.  Particularly around here, it seems.  The monarchs started almost a year ago, and have been on the edge of ready to fly for many months now.  It seems appropriate, though, that just as spring begins in earnest they are finally complete and ready to make their way.  Sometimes in this world we […]

Advent journey to the Cloisters

Set in Fort Tryon Park in northern Manhattan and overlooking the Hudson river, there is a magical place where the visitor can take a peaceful and contemplative journey back in time… the Cloisters Museum & Gardens is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to the medieval period in Europe.  Beautifully housed in […]

Still blooming

Fall may be fast approaching, but studio and garden are still in bloom. The ring: antique coral carving set in sterling; the blossom: gardenia, the real thing.

Summer celebration… bellflower giveaway!

We’re celebrating! Summer begins, and brings with it the first anniversary of the Artigiano blog!  To mark the occasion, we are proud to present a brand new giveaway of a special item – handmade in my little studio – exclusively for this drawing.  I hope this pretty bellflower pendant will be a wonderful treat for […]