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12.16: butterfly project

The last butterfly of 2016!  This one is precis octavia, or the gaudy commodore. And for Christmas, I attached a big one to a chunky hand fabricated charm bracelet hung with and old collection of noir-like black coral branches, vintage mexican silver buttons, and a few family mementos, to gift to my amazing sister-in-law, with […]

11.16: butterfly project

Time for the November butterfly (see calendar page at the end).  It’s my favorite… blue morpho (the photo in the middle is from a visit to a butterfly habitat a few years back).  This time of year I’m up to my eyeballs in metal everywhere, so change of pace –  this one is a paper […]

10.16: butterfly project

October butterfly: heliconius, a widespread genus with a passion for passion flower and batesian mimicry, where a harmless species has evolved to imitate the warning signals of a harmful species as a defense mechanism. Clever.  Mine has a sizable antique peridot center stone (decidedly not a pretender) with bright carnelian beads added in to the […]

8.16: butterfly project

This month was the buckeye butterfly, Junonia coenia (see the calendar photo at the end of the post).  I’ve drew a super simple, graphic representation of the bold coloration of the species and two fluttered off my bench. August will soon be a memory… butterflies can last forever.

7.16: butterfly project

The July butterfly is the red-spot jezebel… see the calendar page photo for my 2016 butterfly project (one butterfly each month as they appear on the calendar. Mine perches sideways in copper and silver on a delicate silver band, size 8. High summer is underway, lots of fluttering going on!

6.16: butterfly project

This month, the butterfly on my calander (below) is one I’ve already spent a lot of time with… the monarch. So, I’ve been working on restoring some of these wings to my inventory and will be adding some of these missing pieces to my etsy shop & online store this summer. June has flown, summer […]

5.16: butterfly project

Purple spotted swallowtail butterfly (Graphium weiskei), May 2016. (The butterfly project is one butterfly per month following my 2016 calander-see the photo at the end of the post.) This month, earrings! Happy unofficial summer! Look for butterflies!

4.16: butterfly project

Drumroll.. the April butterfly of the month is the orange tip (Anthocharis cardamines). Scroll to see the calendar photo. (My 2016 butterfly project is one butterfly per month following this calendar) Delicate silver webbed wings with copper wing tips. Inset to the chain is a bezel-set Mexican fire opal of pale, peachy shades and a […]

3.2016: butterfly project

Last day of March… here is the March butterfly (butterfly a month based on my 2016 calendar of butterfly photos). So, this month the calendar shows another european peacock butterfly… the same species in the Jan photo (see that post here). Who edits this thing anyway? Running short on time, I was tempted to skip […]

1.16: butterfly project

Artists make up these wacky projects to get themselves to do things, often they are personal challenges throughout the course of a given year. I’ve not been so inclined. But this year I’ve tripped over one. I happen to have a calendar of 12 months of butterflies. Hmmm… 12 months of butterflies? January, the first page, […]