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It’s time!

Peace is a ladybug

How to start New Year’s day: find in inbox this drawing sent by a delightful customer whose daughter is wise beyond her years. Proceed accordingly. Drawing by Stella Blue. A very Happy New Year to John, Kathy & Stella  :)  with thanks.  


and so it begins :)

Earth Day 2017, a day for science

This year Earth Day takes on a special meaning. I’m supporting science. Truth. It’s pretty simple. Everyday is Earth Day. Everyday deserves the truth. That’s what lives here.

Happy, new

Ginger cake, starry night sky, glasses raised.

Dessert first

Happy Easter!

Rabbit, oh, rabbit…

I could use some assistance. Have you seen that rabbit? Find the little chickens on Ann Wood’s site if you don’t quite have enough to do. It’s an adaptation for one of her clever patterns, and she has a 25% coupon on offer through the end of March. Who does not need a funny little […]

Trick or treat

Borrowed, blue

Happy weekend to friends… upcoming nuptials are cause for much celebration!  Mom-of-the-bride will be dazzling in blue! And for good measure, the borrowed silver cuff from my personal stash of family history… Many happy memory-making to all!  :)

Sea whisperer

In New Jersey, we all know these little translucent tissue paper shells. Underfoot at the shore, these mollusk shells are the part of very stuff that slowly breaks down to become the glittering beaches that inhabit our dreams. Oh so delicate with a that hint of sparkle, there may not be a girl in the state who […]