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Matisse is in the house

It’s here!  The paper cut outs.  I am hatching a plan to go, it’s been a long, long while but I will never forget the sense of wonder these amazing works impart.  The story behind them only adds to the experience.  Highly recommended for anyone in need of hope, or a reason to believe in […]

A horse of another color

This week I spent a little time with my tiny garden-helper friend while mom was late at work… we made horses.  Not sure who had more fun.  Surprise… mine is pink.  With a fancy dupioni silk mane & tail. But these are not just any horses. If you haven’t heard of Brooklyn artist Ann Wood, you […]

Dream house

A while back, one of my cousins forwarded a New York Times story about an amazing labor of love, a tiny gingerbread hideaway in the Catskill mountains, completely restored and reimagined by Sandy Foster.  Amazed, I saved the link to visit for an occasional inspiration.  When I noticed that Sandy was blogging about her magical […]

Sketches… on my drawing board

As summer prepares to burst forth, once again I’m captivated by the tiny winged things that inhabit the coming season with their magical presence.  As they grow outside my door, they often seem to grow in the studio as well. Lately, I’m enthralled, and my latest obsession coincides quite nicely with a feature that my […]

Card factory

Break out the doilies, the tissue, all things pink and red, sweetness and light… too soon for baking the tarts, but just in time to cut, paste, color and scribble a few special notes.  Anything is fair game, cut it up! So, another excuse to squirrel away those pretty bits of packing material, cleverly designed […]


The first week of January has arrived… the year streches out before us… what to make of it? Resolve: I will attend my weekly drawing group when possible and work harder at drawing, somehow without making “work” of it.  I will set this time aside as a refuge and a reflection on the very small […]

Studio inspirations, summer 2010

This coneflower ring began in spring, long before summer peaked.  When the real thing appeared in the garden, I could see that I had it all wrong… back to the drawing board.  And with nature’s model in hand, it all became clear.  Here you see the inspiration and my less elegant interpretation.  The stone at the […]

Nice to meet you…

Just a little bit about my creative background.  I like to draw.  From the time I was very small, it has been a thread that weaves through my life and a visual impression of how I perceive the world around me.  Now I mainly draw figures, little snapshots of a person’s unique gesture, like a […]