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On the way to my Valentines… happy hearts are on the fly!

Coleus leaves, from my potted garden

Small hand cut coleus shapes make for graphic harbingers of spring. Find these pretty pieces at the Store at MAM, Montclair Art Museum, and take in the new show featuring the influence of Matisse. Can you tell he’s my fav?

White on white

Working on some cut paper illustration, based on paper patterns from my butterfly year.  Still fluttering, I suppose.

2.16: butterfly project

February’s butterfly is the Rice Paper Butterfly (my 2016 butterfly project: 12 months of butterflies based on my wall calendar, a giveaway from the Paralyzed Veterans charity). Just how this one will be worn is TBD… but I can think about that for a while yet, the basic form is complete. With the right idea, […]

Secret admirer: valentines 2016

Carnivale and Valentines Day collide! It’s Fat Tuesday! Break out the beads and find a guide for making your very own artigiano carnivale-valentine mask here.

Dule of doves

Christmas wishes took to the air this week… and those birds looked like they wanted to last. Peace be with you.

Special effects

Get your winter glow on. Coming soon to Artigiano 2.0.

Crazy like a fox

Lone wolf

Some days are more rangy than I’d like.  I wish I had wise golden eyebrows to raise at every question.  The better to answer you with, my dear.

Elves? Oh elves…

I’m deep into the season… here’s just a couple of new pieces.  Yikes!  Where are those elves when you need them?  More photos to come…