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Details, details

The colors are shifting every day as the muted shades of fall cast their magic spell. Summer doesn’t give up easily, though, and bright spots of color still compete for the gardener’s attention. Soon the deeper jewel tones will win out, but for now I’ll enjoy some of the best of both worlds.

Studio inspirations, summer 2010

This coneflower ring began in spring, long before summer peaked.  When the real thing appeared in the garden, I could see that I had it all wrong… back to the drawing board.  And with nature’s model in hand, it all became clear.  Here you see the inspiration and my less elegant interpretation.  The stone at the […]

Summer garden

The colors of summer never cease to amaze, and as I step outside they are everywhere.  Tiny details hold a world of amazement.  I look closely, knowing all the while that soon the hues will change.  For now these vivid impressions seem to have an impact that could rival the seven wonders of the world. […]