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Class sketches, spring

Back to class, good to be back in the moment.

Thankfulness giveaway! Double maple!

I love maple: the candy (super yum), the brilliant fall leaves drifting through my garden and crunching underfoot, the cooling shade in the way back of the yard on a high summer afternoon.  I hope you do, too. With gratitude for your time, your attention, your support, and the wide eyes I am so lucky […]

Escape to drawing

It’s been a stressful fall, no denying it.  And more stress to come.  So, a day off in the drawing studio does a world of good.  Everything else falls away, just you and the paper. Note to self: more of this.

Sweet solstice

Longest day of the year, summer arrives. Tonight, the fireflies will wink under a full Strawberry moon. The solstice and the strawberry moon last coincided in 1967, the ‘summer of love’.  The Strawberry moon is said to be a time to seek forgiveness, as sweetness lingers when the strawberries ripen and are gathered. Maybe there’s […]


I swore I’d be drawing a fruit a week after my daylong workshop on oil pastels.  Oh well, maybe a fruit a month.  But these New Jersey peaches were too good to miss. Featured recently in the NY Times, local peaches are worth an extra trip and a few extra bucks.  Find the fun article […]

Color added

Today I sneaked away to a workshop day to learn about working with color in oil crayons (cray-pas) with Karen O’Neil at the Art School at Old Church in Demarest, NJ. A day well spent, I learned the basics to attempt to add vibrant color to my drawings with this portable, non-toxic, paint-like medium.  At […]

Class sketches

I’ve been back to drawing a bit this past year, here’s some recent favs. A rare splurge – a one day still life with oil pastels workshop next week…  we’ll see what happens.  :)

Last call

Not as much time for drawing this year as I hoped… but a quick stop in at the group this week for the last class of 2012 could not be missed. Just a few moments for some quick sketches and holiday greetings all the way around.  Oh, and maybe a few cookies to boot… I […]

Sturgeon moon

The full moon is on the rise again.  We begin August with the Sturgeon Moon, 11:27 pm tonight.  I’m intrigued.  I poke around… and I am hooked (no pun intended). Tonight’s August moon takes it’s name from this peculiar sea creature, which was at one time, most plentiful at this time of year.  It turns […]


Twentyfive years ago today we were sweating it out… big pink dresses & tuxedos, baking in the sultry July heat.  How did that bride get us to wear those flowery halos after all?  Styles may change, but some things stand the test of time.  Fortunately for us, the family is one.  And while I may […]