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Midsummer message

Summer arrived early this year, and in full swing.   Barely time to unearth the overwintering pots before sultry days and nights settled in with a decidedly tropical flavor. Along with the search for some respite from this prolonged heat, I’ve been working away at this project – revising our website and incorporating our new blog.  I imagine the […]

Nice to meet you…

Just a little bit about my creative background.  I like to draw.  From the time I was very small, it has been a thread that weaves through my life and a visual impression of how I perceive the world around me.  Now I mainly draw figures, little snapshots of a person’s unique gesture, like a […]


Welcome to Artigiano, a new generation in a family tradition of metal smithing and wearable art. The origin of much of what you will find here lies within my family, particularly my dad, who was a talented artist and an accomplished metal smith in the style of the Modernists.  He came from the old days in Greenwich […]