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NY Fashion Week with Helen! Am I dreaming?

So, I’ve been very excited watching Helen‘s progress unfold on project runway… you might have noticed, no?  I was thrilled to hear from her a couple of weeks ago – she needed some small pairs of earrings for a ‘photo shoot’, she tells me… could I possibly make 11?  Needless to say I cleared the table and […]

Coney Island baby

It’s a bit surreal watching Helen‘s progress on Project Runway.  She’s amazing… but am I objective?  Well, no.  But she’s still amazing.  And this week’s episode demonstrates what I mean.  Find a quick recap here.  Nutshell: the designers grab prizes at Coney Island and team up in pairs to make a collaborative garment.  Helen partners […]

Helen rocks world

So… remember Helen? She’s on PROJECT RUNWAY SEASON 12!!!!!!!!  July 18th!  OMG! If you are one millionth as excited as I am, please Facebook like her page – at the top of the page, pretty please!

The continuing adventures of Helen

It’s almost a year’s since Helen’s big night… she’s been working away at it ever since.  Recently she took a breath of air and sent me these new photos of some of her concoctions… Since last year, a lot has happened…  moss doesn’t grow in Helen’s pathway.  See her portfolio with more amazing photos and […]

Sunshine & flowers

Have you heard?  EtsyMetal, my metalsmithing group on Etsy, has been sending out a newsletter for fans and friends (sign up here!).  So when our editor, the very talented Danielle Miller-Gilliam of daniellejewelry on Etsy put out the call for some fashion illustration, I took the bait.  In addition to her Etsy shop and all the […]

Economic recovery act

Lots of talk about austerity measures these days… but cost saving can be not only no pain, but all gain.  This spring the thrift sales have been popping up like May flowers and the the pickings are better than ever.  Rather than add to the overabundance of goods piling up just about everywhere, perfectly good […]

Big night

It’s been a few years now… stories now and then, and they just keep getting better. An old family friend, neighbor, and a fixture at community doings around town mentions her talented granddaughter periodically.  How hard she works, her studies at FIT, the amazing detail in these dresses.  They sound too good to be true! […]


It’s fashion week in NYC and folks at Pantone have released the 2011 color forecast (and just in time for the season of hearts and flowers) a drumroll please… Honeysuckle Pantone 18-2120.  Pink!  I love pink!  And after this long and dreary winter, we need pink.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say they picked […]

Happy National Pie Day

Quite by accident, and just this once, I have done the right thing at the right time. The radio alarm intrudes upon sleep in the early morning hour… hazy voices discussing important matters of the day.  What?  What are they talking about? Today is National Pie Day, and NPR starts my day with an interview […]