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Exciting news! My young friend next door has a brand new project… My_Tiny_Art_Stand!  As described by the artist: The Person Who Made The Art Come one come all… We are proud to present My Tiny Art Stand!! It’s a tiny homemade pop-up that shows up like a bright shiny mushroom after a rainy spring day, […]

Winter’s tale

Funny how things come back to you, things you think are past. Folks around here may remember, way back when there were a few more trees and a lot less traffic and kids rode bikes around town after school without ‘play dates’. The old shop windows at my dad’s place were lined with little aluminum can […]


Brooklyn artist Ann Wood occasionally posts downloadable templates so that fans can make their own versions of her fanciful constructions… I make them occasionally with my little pal next door.  We’re going to do the boat (find it here), but here’s the gift one I made for her to get us started. The possibilities are […]

NY Fashion Week with Helen! Am I dreaming?

So, I’ve been very excited watching Helen‘s progress unfold on project runway… you might have noticed, no?  I was thrilled to hear from her a couple of weeks ago – she needed some small pairs of earrings for a ‘photo shoot’, she tells me… could I possibly make 11?  Needless to say I cleared the table and […]


Stopping in to visit an old friend today, we return with an unexpected bounty… thus extending a lovely rainswept afternoon though the remaining days of this last ‘official’ week of summer.  Above, kale, fresh picked before our very eyes. An armload of all manner of fresh grown herbs, carefully rooted shoots of stick cactus – […]

Coney Island baby

It’s a bit surreal watching Helen‘s progress on Project Runway.  She’s amazing… but am I objective?  Well, no.  But she’s still amazing.  And this week’s episode demonstrates what I mean.  Find a quick recap here.  Nutshell: the designers grab prizes at Coney Island and team up in pairs to make a collaborative garment.  Helen partners […]

Helen rocks world

So… remember Helen? She’s on PROJECT RUNWAY SEASON 12!!!!!!!!  July 18th!  OMG! If you are one millionth as excited as I am, please Facebook like her page – at the top of the page, pretty please!

Special delivery

What a nice way to end a week. My favorite neighborhood valentine was a little bit under the weather last week, but everybody’s better now… so over the yard she came with mom in tow to deliver a pretty little heart, painted just for me.  :)  And when I asked if mom got one, sheepish […]

Thanksgiving wishes

Wherever your table, whatever it holds… I hope it will be shared with those who matter most. Warm wishes this holiday season… and thanks. ;)  

Girl’s best friend

Cape May… a town full of memories.  Gingerbread houses line the pretty streets and we walk back in time to gentler days.  A few grand dames are still to be found, some weathered, some so carefully preserved.  You can feel the old stories like whispers suspended in the corridors of those big old seaside hotels. […]