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Peace is a ladybug

How to start New Year’s day: find in inbox this drawing sent by a delightful customer whose daughter is wise beyond her years. Proceed accordingly. Drawing by Stella Blue. A very Happy New Year to John, Kathy & Stella  :)  with thanks.  

Winter solstice

Only a few days left, everything is a blur. I step out from the kitchen, warm and scented with lemon, rosemary, chocolate and spice. The early night air feels sharp, the chill jarring after the whirl of warm baking sheets and sugary smudges. Bundled up with packages and places to be, I juggle in winter’s […]

Sparkly season

Christmas wishes on the way  :)

Thankfulness giveaway! Double maple!

I love maple: the candy (super yum), the brilliant fall leaves drifting through my garden and crunching underfoot, the cooling shade in the way back of the yard on a high summer afternoon.  I hope you do, too. With gratitude for your time, your attention, your support, and the wide eyes I am so lucky […]

New works, fall 2016

Studio is cranking, elves at work.

Secret admirer: valentines 2016

Carnivale and Valentines Day collide! It’s Fat Tuesday! Break out the beads and find a guide for making your very own artigiano carnivale-valentine mask here.

Elves? Oh elves…

I’m deep into the season… here’s just a couple of new pieces.  Yikes!  Where are those elves when you need them?  More photos to come…

Trick… or treat?

I’ll take both.  Happy Halloween!  

In winter’s heart

Clear the desk… time for this year’s Valentines.  While the real snow piled up outside, a pretty blizzard of tissue cuts quickly accumulated indoors. Almost ready to go!

Just a little more…

It’s always a little hard to say goodbye to Christmas for a whole year.  Here it will be a while before it’s all packed away.  And still some goodies to enjoy.  These little beauties courtesy a New Year’s visit with a trusty baker friend… I open the tin… I can’t eat these… much too pretty… […]