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Matisse is in the house

It’s here!  The paper cut outs.  I am hatching a plan to go, it’s been a long, long while but I will never forget the sense of wonder these amazing works impart.  The story behind them only adds to the experience.  Highly recommended for anyone in need of hope, or a reason to believe in […]

October sky

Compositions for an October sky.  The skies tonight bring the Hunter’s Moon.  I hold these tiny relics in my hand and wonder:  who made this, who will hold them next? This fall evening of crickets and crisp night air, they chronicle a lost history and await an unknown future.  The work of human hands is weighty on such […]

Weekend notes: Pour vivre heureux, vivons caché

Spring finally casts it’s light. Everyone is looking a bit happier, brighter. The news is inspiring.  The French are brilliant. Labor unions and corporate representatives in France have agreed on an “obligation to disconnect from remote communications tools” that would apply to 250,000 employees of consulting, computing and polling firms. The accord, signed this month […]

Weekend notes

I’m nursing my lime tree along after a tough bout of scale this past growing season. I’ve battled them off and spend way too much time seeking out any teeny tiny pest that could proliferate and threaten this favorite of mine.  I’m hopeful.  This early lime blossom and a few tiny shoots cheer me along. […]


The other day I found this little guy on the dashboard of my trusty old roadster… he must have been caught inside when I closed it up after the previous ride.  I would have much preferred to have seen the little critter fluttering in there and opened the window and let him on his way.  […]

Once upon a blue moon

August has been ruled by the sturgeon moon.  That little sketch from August 2 grabbed hold and so, along with the coming blue moon, the fish also rises. Lately, evenings here unfold beneath a luminous glow.  Last week a quick step outside found me under a mesmerizing half moon, barely obsured behind a gauzy atmospheric […]

Sturgeon moon

The full moon is on the rise again.  We begin August with the Sturgeon Moon, 11:27 pm tonight.  I’m intrigued.  I poke around… and I am hooked (no pun intended). Tonight’s August moon takes it’s name from this peculiar sea creature, which was at one time, most plentiful at this time of year.  It turns […]

A horse of another color

This week I spent a little time with my tiny garden-helper friend while mom was late at work… we made horses.  Not sure who had more fun.  Surprise… mine is pink.  With a fancy dupioni silk mane & tail. But these are not just any horses. If you haven’t heard of Brooklyn artist Ann Wood, you […]

Dream house

A while back, one of my cousins forwarded a New York Times story about an amazing labor of love, a tiny gingerbread hideaway in the Catskill mountains, completely restored and reimagined by Sandy Foster.  Amazed, I saved the link to visit for an occasional inspiration.  When I noticed that Sandy was blogging about her magical […]

Making the invisible visible

Time once again for EtsyMetal’s ‘Blog Carnival’, where our group blogs simultaneously on a selected topic.  This month’s topic is about the role of family in our creative lives.  For me, another EM project started me thinking about family again…  our August ‘monthly challenge’ project was a homage to Alexander Calder (which you can find […]