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Midsummer passion

Flower that is. Long a summer favorite of mine, and giving this a go has on my ‘to-do’ list for ages. Cross that off. All hand-fabricated, large passion flower and vine jointed bracelet in sterling silver with amethyst center stone. price on request. Midsummer note: first firefly of the season spotted 6-20, 8:37PM, backyard. :)

Bespoke summer

Sure feels like summer today, complete with tiny bespoke sunflower, ready to go. I better get to work on my listings for this little flowers big brothers (see a sample in the background) before summer arrives for real!

Charmed life

Spring brings tiny charms… more to come!

Heart smith

Dickens (Jacob Marley’s ghost, from Scrooge): I wear the chain I forged in life. Not such a bad idea, I say. Happy Valentines Day!

Coleus leaves, from my potted garden

Small hand cut coleus shapes make for graphic harbingers of spring. Find these pretty pieces at the Store at MAM, Montclair Art Museum, and take in the new show featuring the influence of Matisse. Can you tell he’s my fav?

New works, fall 2016

Studio is cranking, elves at work.

Pink moon

Tonight is the full pink moon of spring, my very own personal holiday. I’m celebrating with this one-off, peachy-pink moonstone bracelet over in my etsy shop. Howl accordingly. Stay on the path.

Small blessings

Butterfly flock

This little flock is not part of my 2016 butterfly project, I’m just catching up.  ;)

Rock candy

Spring sweets!