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Happy, new

Ginger cake, starry night sky, glasses raised.

Weekend notes: Pour vivre heureux, vivons caché

Spring finally casts it’s light. Everyone is looking a bit happier, brighter. The news is inspiring.  The French are brilliant. Labor unions and corporate representatives in France have agreed on an “obligation to disconnect from remote communications tools” that would apply to 250,000 employees of consulting, computing and polling firms. The accord, signed this month […]

Tucking in

These days a particular high-flying tech industry leader may be cajoling us gals to ‘lean in’, but this time of year, I’m more inclined to be thinking about ‘tucking in’… it’s time to salvage whatever can be had from my garden beds and get ready to move indoors.  Windows & shelves here are crowded with […]

And so it begins…

Sunny scenes as the holiday kitchen gears up.


I opened a card stashed away long ago, these slipped out.  The meaning of life found in a cookie?  Perhaps not… but a smile, certainly. More fortunate moments: No competition for the botanical garden, but my personal orchid show unfurls this week. And a quick visit to class catches me up with a few of […]

Tiny lions

These two have taken a long journey finding their way to me. One of those things… they needed a house, I needed a cat (or 2). And with or without their big fancy coats, under it all the hearts of big cats dwell, fierce and true. Welcome home, my tiny lions.

Let them eat valentines

Ahh… Valentine’s Day.  A favorite excuse for a handmade treat, or five.  This year’s crop is ready to go, a heart shaped feast just once a year. Not to be underestimated, a bit of cocoa and some raspberry jam go a long way when it comes to matters of the heart.  And there is still […]

Marley was dead, to begin with.

Tonight, as the full snow moon rises in the evening sky, take a moment to mark the 200th birthday of one of our most influential authors, Charles Dickens.  In addition to leaving us with the infamous Scrooge and his ‘bah, humbug!’, his writing echos in our expression to this day with a myriad of figures […]


Mmm… holiday leftovers.  Dreaming of next year already. Have a cozy winter weekend!

Sweet start

Sweet treats to ring in 2012… I’m in charge of desserts, as usual, and a homemade Tiramisu will be the star of the dessert buffet this festive day.  I’ve been wanting to take a crack at some of those pretty homemade marshmallows (top) and after hearing them featured in this npr story, it seemed destined to […]