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Magical night for a moondance…

I worked on a special moonstone anniversary set this summer for long time friends, a moonstone jag ensued… …a bit of magic from the night sky never hurts, after all.

Fall resumes, heading indoors

While working on this post in late October, an early Halloween trick knocked on our doors in the form of a fall nor’easter that brought down tree limbs all over town while the still-green leaves piled heavily with icy snow.  My efforts to get back on track ever since are slow going, but I am […]

Monarchs are coming

At long last, my monarchs are almost ready to emerge (see sketches in a previous post, here).  Still a ways to go, but this little preview seemed worthy of posting. I’m excited about the results… and will have more to come!

Low stars

Outside in the yard one evening, a little voice popped up… I turned to see my small gardening companion who sometimes stops by after school to converse as I weed or plant, trim and sweep.  “What are you doing in the garden today?”, my friend queries.  “Today I shall trim the viney-thing, which has gotten […]

Playing favorites in the garden

Nothing short of amazing, every single time… a favorite moment of spring, the beautiful creature that is the peony appears.

Sketches… on my drawing board

As summer prepares to burst forth, once again I’m captivated by the tiny winged things that inhabit the coming season with their magical presence.  As they grow outside my door, they often seem to grow in the studio as well. Lately, I’m enthralled, and my latest obsession coincides quite nicely with a feature that my […]

Make a wish…

Wishes by the handful, right outside my door today. I grabbed a few and let them fly.

Orchid obsession

Along with warmer days, favorite inspirations return.  How nice to welcome these lovely blooms into the awakening garden… these first new orchids have been slowly forming for weeks, and are just as astounding as I remember.  My sterling version has provided good company through the dwindling light of winter days, but now cannot compete with […]

Small wonder

Left for me this Easter weekend outside my door by one of the many creatures residing in my little garden refuge… too pretty a gift to refuse, even better than jelly beans. May your Easter basket contain some little miracles today…

May flowers…

A one of a kind bejeweled flower has unfurled this spring in sterling with peridot & ruby.