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Jupiter, tonight, like now

Glancing towards the eastern sky tonight, something striking, unusual. So I checked at my fav sky site, EarthSky.org, and yes! Jupiter in the eastern sky slightly above the full worm moon. I swiped their diagram to show you, which I hope is ok since I’m fully crediting it. It’s a fabulous site… do visit. An […]

Harvest moon

Tomorrow’s potentially brilliant harvest moon is a triple treat… supermoon, lunar eclipse, and a blood moon all rolled into one. End of the world? If so, it sure won’t be on account of the moon, if you get my meaning. Maybe better to take the opportunity to remember that we humans are pretty darn small. I’m down […]

Night sky note

Tonight, a clear view of the Perseid meteor showers.  Here, a small chubby crescent moon with golden meteors.  Born under a Perseid sky.


Blue moon tonight!  (The occasional occurrence of a 2nd full moon occurring within a month is often called the blue moon)  Howl accordingly.  Don’t step off the path.

Easter, under a pink moon

Tonight, the first full moon of Spring, is perhaps my favorite: the pink moon.  This moon dictates the spring festivals and this weekend brings with it both the Easter and Passover holidays.  Said to welcome back the wild flowers, the pink moon watchfully assures that tonight’s crisp chill will soon give way as the earth once again offers up […]


January: January (in Latin, Ianuarius) is named after Janus, the God of beginnings and transitions; the name has its beginnings in Roman mythology, coming from the Latin word for door (ianua) since January is the door to the year. This editorial clipping sits on my desk for 3 Januarys now, I read it now and again: The Starry Messinger, January 18 2013 […]

October sky

Compositions for an October sky.  The skies tonight bring the Hunter’s Moon.  I hold these tiny relics in my hand and wonder:  who made this, who will hold them next? This fall evening of crickets and crisp night air, they chronicle a lost history and await an unknown future.  The work of human hands is weighty on such […]

Perseid nights

Tonight the sturgeon moon shines more brilliantly than usual – a super moon – even while enveloped in a hazy veil of clouds here in my velvety night sky.  I followed it all the way home tonight, a steadfast beacon just at the edge of my sightline. The gathering clouds may hide the annual perseid shower around here on these peak […]

Pink moon… eclipse tonight

The first full moon of spring, the pink moon, arrives tonight.  It brings with it the Passover and Easter holidays… and this year, it will be a lunar eclipse and the first of a tetrad, four total lunar eclipses in a series.  I search around for some info about this sky event, not so very unusual, and […]

Tonight… snow moon

It’s not just a night for Valentines… it’s the February snow moon.  Tonight! As though plucked from a night sky, this rutilated quartz may not wait too long to rise.  Said to illuminate the soul and filter negative energy, this pretty rock will find a more suitable home than the above snow bank before too long. Meanwhile, the light […]