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Earth Day 2017, a day for science

This year Earth Day takes on a special meaning. I’m supporting science. Truth. It’s pretty simple. Everyday is Earth Day. Everyday deserves the truth. That’s what lives here.

Cathedral in the sky

A few steps down the stoop and a vibrant canopy of stained glass envelopes the front walkway.  The only thing required to enter this brilliant cathedral is a momentary glance. Look up.

Midsummer castaways

Last night’s rain washed a mass of these off of a tree bursting with flowers.  Spring turns to summer and the lush green growth overtakes these delicate precursors.  One last day on my desk, until next time. The fireflies are getting ready, no lights yet, but they’re in the air.  A chipmunk has gnawed all of my […]

Crystal palace

Old man winter takes up residence in the northeast.  He’s not going anywhere for a while, 2 more storms on the way this week!  Frosted scenes from a sleepy garden… hibernation, anybody?

River walk

 A relentless wind and crisp views at the Hudson river today.  Brrrr.



The summer garden

Walk with me on the garden path and visit the san marzanos… Still a ways to go, but there’s time yet.  And what else of summer? Collecting up the bits, stowing them away for inspiration, and for the dark days. On or around January 15th: open, examine, remember, look forward and dream of jasmine.

Moth magic… seen and believed

It’s been a strange summer, after that so mild winter.  Sultry, and then some. Illusions?  Maybe.  Coincidences… yes.  This is no forested patch, although I might dream it to be so.  The luna moth does not live here.  I thought.  Earlier this spring, I showed a few friends a glimpse of my metal winged beast […]

Sky show

It’s tonight!  And tomorrow… the annual Perseid meteor showers are visible in the night sky.  So if the clouds clear away, pull up a chair and enjoy the show.  Late night into early dawn brings the best viewing, and this year’s view includes ‘the bright planets Venus and Jupiter in the eastern predawn sky,’.

Just peachy

Years back a friend from drawing group offered for adoption some tiny peach-lings, I could not resist.  Now for the first time, this early and vibrant spring… pretty pink blossoms have been well worth the wait.  What comes around goes around, and I was able to repay my drawing buddy with a baby fig seedling […]