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Happy, new

Find the recipe for this unusual gingerbread cake at smitten kitchen. It must be the Guiness… Happy New Year!

Salty sweet

Cool evenings, time to start the oven. A peanut butter cookie jag is underway…  consolation for lost summer days & fading light. 1 1/4 cups unbleached flour 3/4 teas baking soda 1/2 teas baking powder 1/4 teas salt 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup smooth peanut butter, all natural 1 cup sugar 1 large humane egg 1 […]

May, flies

A crazy quilt of May moments has built up in my photo library… It started with banana bread curtesy of a talented friend, initiating the quest for the perfect, perfectly quick recipe.  Yum. It tastes best with coffee in my favorite and frequently spotted squirrel mug by the talented Bernadette Curran.  A good start to […]

Wishing summer well… until next time

This time each year, we gather and bid a fond farewell to the sultry summer days, I will miss them so.  The crickets still sing me to sleep, but the calendar tells another tale.  Time to get ready for changes on the way, like it or not.  Where do these days disappear to?  Oh well… […]

Abundantly summer

Cucumbers are popping up everywhere.  What to do?  Pickles, of course. Those easy summer ones… the recipes seem to be as plentiful as the cukes this time of year.  I spotted one on Etsy, a persian variety that sounds good… I’d like to try that.  But for these, I kept it short and sweet, using […]

Garden fresh

A relaxing summer visit last week from my brother & sister-in-law sent them back to the big city with armloads of herbs after a walk in our kitchen garden.  They were excited to pass along the goods in the form of a tuscan bean salad which made it’s way to friends in Brooklyn over the […]

Good friends, good cookies

On my way to watch some super bowl commercials with friends… can’t show up empty handed, of course.  Maybe a tasty treat will make up for my lack of any sports knowledge whatsoever.  Quick, where’s that recipe, the one from my college roommate, I know I have those simple ingredients on hand.  And here it […]

My cat looks like a pie

A lemon meringue to be exact.  Today is National Pie Day, and so it is just the right time to report this important bit of information.  It struck me a while ago, but now, in celebration of the day, I’ve got a pie to prove it.  I’ll enjoy both, but it’s no contest… my kitty […]

Little gems… the butter kind

An old family favorite, these little butter cookies are a recipe from my mom’s long ago co-worker back in the day when she was one of the girls in the pool of clerks at Met Life in NYC.  Apparently Dolores was quite a cook, we’ve been making her cookies ever since… and in our house, […]

Gifts from the kitchen

A simple and festive idea that comes from the kitchen, but without yet more holiday calories to splurge on…  herbed vinegars are easy to make, fun to give, and can be as decorative as they are tasty.  A pile of pretty olive oil bottles and the like that were stored up in my cellar the […]