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Girl’s best friend

Cape May… a town full of memories.  Gingerbread houses line the pretty streets and we walk back in time to gentler days.  A few grand dames are still to be found, some weathered, some so carefully preserved.  You can feel the old stories like whispers suspended in the corridors of those big old seaside hotels. […]

Bespoke spring jewels

Special gifts for special spring occasions, 2012.

Hey cupid

before after  :)

Monarchs are coming

At long last, my monarchs are almost ready to emerge (see sketches in a previous post, here).  Still a ways to go, but this little preview seemed worthy of posting. I’m excited about the results… and will have more to come!

Morning light

Sunday morning fushia blossom, last night’s studio effort looks good in the light of day.

Ancient mariner

While visiting a local gem & specimen shop, I could not resist this pyritized ammonite fossil, originating from France. Actually I did resist it, only to make the trip back to grab it, when with that golden sheen, it took up residence in my mind’s eye. And here it is, bezel set in an asymmetrical necklace […]


Welcome to Artigiano, a new generation in a family tradition of metal smithing and wearable art. The origin of much of what you will find here lies within my family, particularly my dad, who was a talented artist and an accomplished metal smith in the style of the Modernists.  He came from the old days in Greenwich […]