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Sweet Day

Be sweet!


It’s time!



Heart smith

Dickens (Jacob Marley’s ghost, from Scrooge): I wear the chain I forged in life. Not such a bad idea, I say. Happy Valentines Day!


On the way to my Valentines… happy hearts are on the fly!

Happy Valentines!

Turn the key

 Unlock a few hearts.

Heart start

Heart shaped world:  use a large heart cookie cutter to hold pancake batter and make a special stack.

Tonight… snow moon

It’s not just a night for Valentines… it’s the February snow moon.  Tonight! As though plucked from a night sky, this rutilated quartz may not wait too long to rise.  Said to illuminate the soul and filter negative energy, this pretty rock will find a more suitable home than the above snow bank before too long. Meanwhile, the light […]

Have a sweet day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!