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Often dusty and obscured, this antique porcelain rose has been has been kicking around the family for years, and I mean years.  I believe it may be of Capodimonte porcelain, the famous italian pottery, but I’m not certain about that.  I’ll need to clarify the family lore on when this delicate creature appeared amongst our myriad […]

Antique garden… sneak peek

Pretty rings and things with antique-styled florals are not hard to come by. Sweet resin reproductions are widely available all over the internet in every color of the rainbow to capture the look for a season’s enjoyment.  This little garden patch is different, however. This is the real thing – authentic antique floral carvings in […]

Fabulous shabby chic giveaway alert!

Just a couple of posts back, I mentioned Sandy Foster and her beautiful blog, ‘My Shabby Streamside Studio’.  Well, Sandy is hosting a really wonderful holiday giveaway featuring the vintage ballet slippers she has used in a recent magazine article as well as a slew of beautiful publications sure to be packed with inspiration and […]

Christmas past

Midsummer message

Summer arrived early this year, and in full swing.   Barely time to unearth the overwintering pots before sultry days and nights settled in with a decidedly tropical flavor. Along with the search for some respite from this prolonged heat, I’ve been working away at this project – revising our website and incorporating our new blog.  I imagine the […]