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Secret lives

Last season’s geraniums owe their life to this antique volume. Every year I dread the task of pulling out the potted gardens and tossing away the plants I can’t squeeze onto the windowsill or rationalize the possibility of overwintering. When a friend loaned me this old copy of the 1973 book I suspected it could […]

Happy, new

Ginger cake, starry night sky, glasses raised.

Happy Valentines!

Everything looks better in snow


No shoveling this weekend!

Ides of March

Ides of March, 2015, Sunday: a chilly, blustery day on the edge of the coming spring. What to do?  Laundry?  Vacuuming?  No… set the massive aquamarine that has been resident on my desk for the past few Marches, patiently awaiting it’s turn.  Result: a chunky, dramatic statement piece, designed to show off this equally dramatic […]

Snow day

Winter is a tough old bird.  Like it or not old man, spring is on the way.

Snow shoes

Snow this weekend.  Again.  So I’m holed up inside and am (almost) finished my shoe project.  The pattern was amazing, with all the details and information (sized pattern plus 29 pages) needed to make a very wearable pair of slippers the first time out. Vaike of uku2 on Etsy did an amazing job creating the pattern, and […]

Winter impressions

February footprints.

Round here

It’s been a while and the New Year is well underway… time to start fresh. For a special January girl, a garnet rosary necklace, with love.  The little brass key top heart is a long ago valentine, keeping company with garnets in progress. There will be a white out tonight as a winter blizzard moves […]