Artists make up these wacky projects to get themselves to do things, often they are personal challenges throughout the course of a given year. I’ve not been so inclined. But this year I’ve tripped over one. I happen to have a calendar of 12 months of butterflies. Hmmm… 12 months of butterflies?

january butterfly 1bracelet on handjanuary butteryfly drawingsjanuary butterfly piecesjanuary butterfly 3january butterfly 2braceletwcalendar

January, the first page, is the european peacock butterfly. Here in sterling silver, copper, garnet & amethyst. I won’t tell you the undone tasks of January. But I’ll blame that on the european peacock. No earthly way to know if 2016 will actually result in 12 butterflies, or just what form they may take. Let’s just see what happens.

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