May comes to a close, but just a few more notes…

my card

Best card of the year award goes to my awesome neighbors.  :)


I regretfully did not seed my Marzanos this year, the cool weather here scared me off. But a friend handed me these extras, so this year it’s ‘New Yorkers‘ (Solanum lycopersicum) from the Seed Library.  Will they be tough?  Resilient? Will they arrive on time?  Who knows, those New Yorkers always keep you guessing.

And speaking of seeds…

milkweed seeds

I’ve finally gotten it together to add to the milkweed population in support of monarchs. I’ll be sending some seeds with purchases from the etsy store this summer, and trying some seeds in my garden.  Small steps.  Give a monarch a break.  Learn all about at MonarchWatch.

Which reminds me, summer is fast approaching.  Time to start thinking about national moth week.  :)  Let’s see what takes flight.

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