This week I spent a little time with my tiny garden-helper friend while mom was late at work… we made horses.  Not sure who had more fun.  Surprise… mine is pink.  With a fancy dupioni silk mane & tail.

But these are not just any horses. If you haven’t heard of Brooklyn artist Ann Wood, you should have.  Maker of magical things, Ann has very generously posted the templates for a few of her lovely designs on her blog (right column) so that others can try them (respectfully) for non-commercial purposes.  She posts about her 100 cardboard horses project and talks about making a horse a day as a creative challenge.  You can find step by step instructions in her post ‘cardboard stampede’
if you want to see a very accurate idea of the process.  There is a flicker group for horse makers (and makers of other of Ann’s template projects) and all this is just the tip of the iceberg of inspiration offered by this talented maker.  If you are intrigued, make sure to peek into this artist’s enchanting space as featured on design*sponge, and please take a few moments to be inspired by her blog stories… you will not
be disappointed.

So, I have a suggestion… make a horse!
You will be happy.  It’s as simple as that.

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