Its hard to belive that it will soon be one year since this blog began.  Looking back, the pictures and words are a blur, but I’ve quite enjoyed this virtual scrapbook, and plans for more swirl in my head.

Unexpectedly, it’s changed the way I experience my days. Although the small details of life have always been cause for a smile or moment’s glance, now in capturing them in a phrase or quick snap, I pause. I look.  I think: put this on the blog!  Grab the camera, quick!  Go back, take a closer look…  before the light changes, the flower fades, the cake is baked, the season speeds by.  I like this.  As for many, life here is a crazy whirlwind, sometimes even a hurricane.  This storytelling makes me stop, observe, and set down the impression that stops me in my tracks.  But is this an impression only or is it real life?

Some say that you create the life you wish for by imaging it’s possibilities and focusing on them in your mind’s eye to make them real.  With so much beyond control, this theory only goes so far.  But it is in this spirit that these notes and images are set down.  Here you will never find the too familiar bleary-eyed late nights, impossible deadlines, miscommunications and missed opportunities.  And when days like that turn into weeks, I will head over here in the midst of it all and take just a moment or two to daydream about the next story.

I hope you will, too.

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