1969 was a year of changes…

It was during this year that Aniello Schettino embarked on a journey that developed into a lifelong labor of love. In 1969 he opened Aniello Designer Craftsman, a small metalsmithing studio in Northern New Jersey. Aniello’s creative vision was steeped in the experiences of his life in Greenwich Village during the American crafts revival that began in the late 1950s. In his shop, Aniello developed a body of work that soon established his tiny studio as an outpost and destination in the contemporary jewelry modernist movement. Artigiano continues this tradition by creating a product that is more than simply jewelry. Each piece from our collection is a work of wearable art, a miniature sculpture designed to delight and fascinate.

At Artigiano (Artisan in italian), Aniello’s daughter Andrea creates a magical world in handmade metal art jewelry. The artist’s hand is in every step of the process.  In an era where most of the products used in our daily lives are mass produced with little regard to the consequences for our environment, culture, and quality of life, Artigiano offers a different way of thinking. So take a few minutes to visit.  Come in, get to know us on the blog and browse our shop, and perhaps uncover a treasure to last a lifetime.

The designs that comprise the viewpoint you’ll find here are all original works by Andrea.  Some are one-offs, only available as one of a kind explorations. Others are the artist’s interpretation of time honored themes, produced in limited quantities, each finished one at a time.  Very few exist in an inventory of more than one or two at a time, due to the time and care required to produce each piece.  Orders are carefully packaged, managed, and set out on their way individually and with the same careful attention afforded each step of the creative process.

Our commitment to the world of the artisan is thriving, with beautiful results. . .  We’re certain you’ll agree.

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