I watch summer from my back stoop, soaking in the sights… firefly evenings in the early season, then fledglings learning how to be birds, chipmunks gathering cherry seeds on the patio.  If time allows, I grab my coffee, dinner, or such and steal a few moments out on those wooden steps to catch up with the world outside my door.

It’s amazing how thoroughly I take it all for granted.  It’s hard to believe that before long, dinner won’t be coming fresh picked from the garden any old night of the week. What, go to the market… who ever does that?  But the time is fast coming when a fresh summer salad will be something to look forward to next year.  One day when the seasons have worked their chilly magic I will journey back in time right here to this August evening and remember that my back stoop is not just for shoveling snow.
Spoiled girl.

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