It’s been a few years now… stories now and then, and they just keep getting better. An old family friend, neighbor, and a fixture at community doings around town mentions her talented granddaughter periodically.  How hard she works, her studies at FIT, the amazing detail in these dresses.  They sound too good to be true!  Then she’s off to London for a fabulous work study… next, a special accessories request from none other than Vera Wang for fashion week, who is then spotted wearing that amazingly glittering something at an Oscar night after party.  And somehow each story includes this young artist’s response to my friend’s sage advice…
“Oh, Grandma!”

Every time my ears perk up.  What could be next?  And here it is.  After a million late nights and fingers worked to exhaustion, Helen graduates this year from the famous Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.  Of about 300 special occasion gowns reviewed for the 2012 Graduating Student Fashion Show ‘Future of Fashion’, 10 are selected.  Here is Helen’s exquisite handiwork, on the runway.

An exciting evening, electricity in the air, even from here at home.
Congratulations, Helen… and Grandma!  I can’t wait to hear what’s next!

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