It happens this time every year… after a summer of tending and trimming, watering and feeding, and just when the potted annuals are looking lush and exuberant, the first harsh night of the fall season descends, sweeping through the yard like a cruel prank.  It’s hard to take.  So this past weekend I gathered up my window box pots & stoop sitters and tucked them away in the potting shed for our first nasty night.

I know it’s coming… it won’t last long… and I can’t overwinter these summer companions.  But this week’s forecast promised a few more balmy days so I won’t part with these happy little faces just yet.

Saturday morning the temperature reading on the thermostat confirmed it… a chilly morning to be sure, hot coffee first thing.  And then, as the sun chases away the frosty chill, my survivors emerge and reach for the sky for a few more days.

I think we need a greenhouse.

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