It’s been a long time since I’ve made my way back to Cape May, but a day squeezed into this bustling season was a welcome reminder of simpler times.  Amazingly,
my favorite seaside spot was barely touched by hurricane Sandy’s devastating blows. A glance at the beach… it’s hard to believe this beautiful sea could turn into such
a monster.

In the historic section, my favorite spots are a comforting bright sight.

And at my very favorite shop, not much has changed… still a treat to wander around and find a few treasures at Good Scents!

It’s a special town, brimming history and charm.  You would swear the past residents are still close to home, guarding their secrets and protecting their traditions.  For current residents and innkeepers, the hard work to maintain this piece of our past goes on, despite the demands from more vacationers for more modern appointments often found in the average luxury accommodation.  I suppose these days many may not consider an antique inn without televisions or some other electronic gizmos a vacation option… but it sounds like heaven to me!

Here in the tri-state, Cape may is a world away close to home… and worth the trip.

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