The other day I found this little guy on the dashboard of my trusty old roadster… he must have been caught inside when I closed it up after the previous ride.  I would have much preferred to have seen the little critter fluttering in there and opened the window and let him on his way.  Maybe he was already winding down.  I hope.

In summer these little butterflies take up residence all over the garden.  While not as spectacular as some of their more colorful and decorated cousins, they provide the constant flutter that fills a summer afternoon with it’s very essence.  Those beautifully dressed and expansive showstoppers come and stop a while.  I follow them as they dip and soar through the yard, hoping to get a better peek.  But these guys are reliable.  They have made this yard their home.  They float in the periphery of every summer day.  So I’ll keep this little casualty and use the chance to get a better look.

And I’ll remember to take an extra look before I close those windows.

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