It’s time… winter solstice today, the shortest day of the year.  In my part of the world we are a long way from fireflies and fiddleheads.  Instead, sugarplums dance in our heads to offer consolation for these dark nights.  Starry summer evenings seem like a distant dream right now.  The earth bundles up and waits, and so do I.  For now, candles will flicker in the fading light, gifts are wrapped, the mail is a bounty of good wishes and smiling faces.  Out come delicate holiday treasures… antique elves and snowmen, sugar coated cottages.  The rolling pin, the baking sheets are at the ready… so much to do!

So far the only snowflakes around here are the metal kind, but that’s bound to change, and soon.  When it does I’ll remember that the darkest nights are past, and that slowly the light will make it’s presence known.  Meanwhile, the festivities at hand offer their comforts and good will to see us through, with family and friends close at hand.

Warm wishes for cold nights and winter holidays to all, near and far.

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