FB capture

Finally, finally, I’ve made a Facebook page for artigiano.  Now… I just have to figure out how it all works.  With the help of my IT magician and advisor, I have learned how to share a blog post over on that page.  Well, these things take a while, and I can see that I have lots more to figure out.  Like that easy thing where you can send a new etsy listing over there… hmm.  I suppose, all in it’s own time.  Is there such a thing as a technology tortoise?  If so, that would be me.  Makes the hammers and anvils look awfully appealing.  However, I promise, I’ll be working behind the scenes to figure this stuff out.  Arrgh.

If you are super nice and want to make a tech-weary metal artist smile, please head over there and like my page.  I’ll hope to be making sense out of all this so that there will be lots to like!

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