EtsyMetal has reminded me of the meaning of January, as noted in a previous holiday post:  the Roman mythological Janus, god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings, endings and time.  The EM January themed challenge, proposed by member Inbar Bareket focuses so appropriately on this concept.  The artigiano interpretation above refers to those lovely Winchester Cathedral doors, here providing the inspiration for the shape of the imaginary hand fabricated escutcheon. A year of new doors to walk through sounds pretty good to me.

A time to look back as well as forward, some lifetime ago (1991 to be exact) one of the most famous names in Champagne, Moet & Chandon, placed what is just about my favorite ad of all times in the
NY Times, a New Year’s list extraordinaire.  A mad paper clipper, I pasted this list on a piece of board and have found a spot for it in my various workspaces ever since.  Sometimes I may not notice it for years, and then… ah yes, have I completed anything on this in the past year?  Which shall I aim for this year?  Pick one for yourself, raise a glass, and as this French purveyor requests, “Celebrate the New Year”…


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