A while back, one of my cousins forwarded a New York Times story about an amazing labor of love, a tiny gingerbread hideaway in the Catskill mountains, completely restored and reimagined by Sandy Foster.  Amazed, I saved the link to visit for an occasional inspiration.  When I noticed that Sandy was blogging about her magical spot and decorating ideas, I signed up to sponsor her endeavors with an ad on her blog, ‘My Shabby Streamside Studio’.  Anyone reading her story is bound to be motivated by what one woman with determination, a jigsaw, and a vision can achieve. Reading her blog, it’s obvious that the world has noticed.  In addition to the New York Times, Sandy’s little cottage has been noted by many, recently including the shabby chic diva who began it all, Rachel Ashwell.  Sandy’s dream house is featured in the latest Rachel Ashwell book, ‘Shabby Chic Inspirations’.

Well, I’m hooked on watching Sandy take the world by storm, so I’ve treated myself
to the book, which I’ll add to my dreamy decor library.  It’s fabulous… full of the inspirations promised by the title, and it could not be nicer to see Sandy among them.

Lately, the holiday season is getting underway in the Streamside Studio, and this week, Sandy posted a call to bloggers for holiday inspirations, so you’ll find just a snippet from my Artigiano Christmas in her ‘Holiday Decor Vintage Video’, along with lots of pretty inspirations from the shabby chic world.  It will be a while before it begins to look like Christmas here, but peeking into this shabby white world has got the wheels turning!

Enjoy a streamside visit!

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