morning glory seedlings

It’s like they knew.  On Saturday I stirred up my morning glories and set them up with a nice dose of fertilizer.  Today they’re popping up right on cue.

A good day for a stop at the Metropolitan Farm, over here in Closter, NJ.  Established on a local historic farm property by the Metropolitan Plant Exchange, a quick meet up with gardener friends and a peek at this impressive perennial farm confirms this to surely be a local treasure.  Not only an immense selection of perennials grown on site, but a happy crowd of hens are busily producing fresh eggs daily.  I’ve been buying humane eggs for a while now, but this is too good…  stop by and see for yourself how these pretty birds are housed & protected.

fresh eggsjump upschicken feather

It should be a crime what happens to so many chickens in this world.  See ya, supermarket.  I’m going direct to chicken.  Please support a chicken near you.

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