I’m very excited about a new Etsy shop by a dear old friend! Carol A Designs is a wonderful new creative outlet for a woman with a spirit as lively and vibrant as the beautiful leather flowers (and more!) the come alive in her sewing studio awash with light and good cheer.  On her shop banner, Henry David Thoreau is quoted, “Earth laughs in flowers”.  A perfect sentiment for Carol’s new venture – this lady brightens every day and warms every heart.  I would recommend checking in on this shop now and again… I happen to know just what lovely things are in the offing… if I don’t get them first, that is.

So a very warm Etsy welcome, I have a feeling your gonna love it.  Time to roll up your sleeves and see what the world has to say about those beautiful blooms that all of your local fans and friends have been enjoying for years!  I’ll be looking for you on that famous front page one of these days!

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