Easter weekend begins… things emerge.

Last weekend, Palm Sunday, I had a visit with a cousin who is our family’s resident expert on the making of the palm cross (not to mention our all around helper, historian, and keeper of family lore).  She brought me a lovely example, fresh made from the morning‘s palm, we talked about the family and the traditions of these little crosses… next time I will remember to ask her to help me relay the story and share with you the instructions she has kept alive so lovingly for our family all these years.  We smiled about the year she was pressed into service while we scrambled to perfect every detail of a cousin’s Palm Sunday wedding.  The spring flowers planted out front to beat the chilly weather, tables beautifully set… each and every place with it’s own palm cross, our cousin in her mother’s gorgeous antique satin gown.  We unpack the memories and they remain crystal clear.

Thanks, Rory, for reminding us of the important things.

Happy Easter.  :)


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