Lots of talk about austerity measures these days… but cost saving can be not
only no pain, but all gain.  This spring the thrift sales have been popping up like
May flowers and the the pickings are better than ever.  Rather than add to the overabundance of goods piling up just about everywhere, perfectly good and perfectly fun stuff awaits for just a few dollars and a little bit of treasure hunting.  Below is one example of an outfit of thrifted finds from local second hand sources, most pieces fresh picked this spring.

Clockwise from top:  $2.00 for a crisp blue linen sleeveless shirt with tuxedo style insets at a convent rummage sale to benefit a family suffering terrible losses due to
a serious accident; $0.00 for a fuschia satiny tank swapped with my cousin at our family garage sale; $2.50 for a roomy faux leather tote from a church fundraising shop; at the same church shop, these beaded flats were thrown in our bag as a freebee treat; also at that sale, this white denim skirt from Coldwater Creek at $1.50; and at $10.00, this ring belt from a favorite vintage shop is looking like a high-end splurge.  Not to mention that the beautiful vintage housewares found at these sales are worthy of a post of their own!

You get the picture… these funds go to a good cause, a neighbor, or to support a small business, and the outfit totals at $16.00.  A win-win if ever there was one.
And here’s the best part:  at a recent meeting with clients I received many lovely compliments on this very outfit.  I bit my lip not to spill the beans that I had thrifted the whole thing for less than the cost of lunch.  It’s a secret!!
You won’t tell them, will you?

Take a stand against the throwaway culture and support your local churches, synagogues, and neighborhood sales, and donate your own gently used pieces that never come out of the closet.  Austerity was never so much fun…

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