A relaxing summer visit last week from my brother & sister-in-law sent them back to the big city with armloads of herbs after a walk in our kitchen garden.  They were excited to pass along the goods in the form of a tuscan bean salad which made it’s way to friends in Brooklyn over the weekend.  So… while I didn’t get a taste, I did get this delicious photo as well as the recipe she pulled together so I can try it myself. Looks to good to resist, so I am not resisting sharing it here:

Sheri’s Tuscan Bean Salad

Ingredients: Organic dried canellini beans, fresh spinach,
fresh herd assortment as available: rosemary, thyme, sage, basil, chives
olive oil, salt & pepper, fresh tomato, sun dried tomato, kalamata olives or preferred black olives

  1. Soak 2 cups of organic canellini beans overnight, then cook and drain them.
  2. In the pot the beans were cooked in, layer some cleaned fresh spinach on the bottom and then put the hot beans on top of it to wilt it.
  3. Mix up a little olive oil, a lot of crushed garlic and juice of a lemon and pour it over the hot beans and spinach with salt and pepper. Add the fresh herbs, mixed it up and let it cool.
  4. When room temp, add chopped fresh tomato, a few sundried tomatoes and kalamata olives.

Enjoy a taste of summer!

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